Do Birth Mothers Get Paid for Adoption?

As you contemplate the complex decision of placing your baby for adoption, the last thing you should have to worry about is money. Fortunately, there are no adoption fees for birth mothers, and you can even receive financial assistance on your adoption journey.

Rather than being paid for adoption, pregnant mothers may receive compensation for pregnancy-related costs. If you choose to pursue an adoption plan for your baby, you will be able to have certain medical, legal, and living expenses covered over the course of your pregnancy.

With the help of Michael Belfonte and the adoptive family you choose, you can set financial worries aside and focus on what is important: choosing the best course of action for you and your baby.

Why You Need an Adoption Attorney

Adoption is already a complex legal process, and it becomes even more so when financial assistance is involved. Expenses in an adoption must always be itemized, documented, and approved by a court.

While these steps are necessary in an adoption, they are not yours to face alone. Michael Belfonte is qualified to take care of them and free you from worry.

Each state has laws regarding what kind of assistance you may receive. Because Michael Belfonte works in Kansas City, he is familiar with Kansas and Missouri state laws and can help you receive the best possible financial assistance in your state.

Allowable Expenses

Expecting mothers in Kansas City can be eligible for different expenses depending on the state where they live. Below, you can find the costs that may be paid in each state:


  • Medical bills related to pregnancy or childbirth
  • Medical expenses for your child after the birth
  • Living expenses over the course of you pregnancy


  • Legal and travel expenses related to your adoption
  • Living expenses deemed reasonable in the area where you live
  • Counseling services for you before and after the adoption
  • Any additional fees determined by a court

How to Receive Compensation

Birth mother expenses are covered by the adoptive family. If you are ready to pursue adoption, Michael Belfonte can not only legally represent you, but refer you to an adoption agency that will help you find a family.

Michael partners closely with American Adoptions, a national agency that works with hundreds of U.S. families every year. If you decide to work with Michael and American Adoptions, an adoption specialist will help you select the family you want to raise your child. That family will be able to provide you with financial assistance according to Kansas or Missouri law.

Contact Michael Belfonte today for more information about financial assistance during adoption.