The Truth about Safe Haven Baby Adoptions in Kansas City

While looking for adoption options for your newborn baby, you might have come across something called “safe haven” laws. But what exactly are they? Safe haven adoption laws in Kansas and Missouri allow for a mother to relinquish custody of her healthy newborn baby to pre-approved safe locations and professionals without legal repercussions. Created as […]

Does ICWA Apply to Your Adoption?

The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) of 1978 is a federal law designed to protect Native American families after what became a consistent pattern of removing American Indian children from their homes and placing them into foster care with non-Native families. Michael Belfonte is well-versed in ICWA as an adoption attorney for Kansas and Missouri, […]

3 Questions You Have About Transracial Adoption in Kansas City

As you’re considering all the options available to you in adopting a child, you may wonder about transracial adoption in Kansas City — and whether it’s right for you. Transracial adoption is any adoption where the race or ethnicity of the adopted child is different from that of their adopted parents. An interracial adoption comes […]

Keeping Adoption Secret

In an ideal situation, the people in your life would be supportive and helpful in your decision to place your child for adoption. But that’s not always the case. Michael Belfonte and his partners at American Adoptions have experience working with pregnant women considering adoption who feel that keeping their adoption a secret is the […]

Questions to Ask Adoptive Parents

If you’re ready to speak with a potential adoptive family about adopting your baby, you may not be sure what kind of questions to ask them or what you should look for in an adoptive couple. Of course you want to make sure that they’ll be the best possible parents for your baby. You have […]

How Long Does it Take to Adopt a Child in Kansas City?

There are many factors in the adoption process that can affect how long you’ll wait to have a child placed in your home — the most important of which is what adoption professional you work with. Michael Belfonte works closely with American Adoptions to help hopeful adoptive parents find an adoption opportunity. The adoption wait […]

17 Common Adoption Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Michael Belfonte is working to shed light on old myths about adoption and educate prospective adoptive families about what adoption really means. To speak to Michael about any questions you have or to begin the adoption process, you can contact him here. Here are few common adoption myths, and the truth about modern adoption: “I’m […]

Common Adoption Terms You Should Know

Whether you’re a pregnant woman considering adoption or a family hoping to grow through adoption, the process can be overwhelming at first. Chances are that this is your first direct encounter with adoption, and learning about the process is one of the first steps. You’ll learn pretty quickly that adoption comes with its own jargon. […]

Is Open Adoption Legally Enforceable in Kansas City?

The promise of post-adoption contact can be an exciting prospect for all involved in the adoption triad. However, you may worry that the other set of parents in the adoption may not keep up their end of the agreement, which can cause disappointment and concern over the effect on the central figure of the adoption […]

How to Make a Perfect Adoption Profile Book

As a prospective adoptive family, you’re likely equally excited and nervous for the process of finding a prospective birth mother. After all, this is the moment when your adoption becomes a reality and you know that it’s only a matter of time until you become parents. However, waiting to be chosen by an expectant mother […]