Michael J. Belfonte, P.C.

Early in his law career, Mike Belfonte realized it was important for him to be able to form personal, meaningful relationships with his clients, and to work in an area of the law that made a real difference in peoples’ lives.

Thus in 1995, Mike Belfonte began working with both prospective adoptive families and birth parents in Missouri and Kansas.

Belfonte is with his clients every step of the way throughout the adoption process, whether the adoptive family or birth parents are interested in a private agency adoption, an identified adoption, or any other type of adoption.

Belfonte makes himself available to his clients nearly any time of the day in the event of an emergency or for matters as simple as a question about the adoption legal process. No issue is ever too big or too small to receive legal guidance during an adoption.

Choosing Michael Belfonte as the legal representative of your adoption promises you a dedicated partner throughout every step of the adoption process and one whom you can rely on. Contact him today to learn more about how he can complete your adoption goals.