Help with Placing a Child for Adoption

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering placing your baby for adoption, Michael Belfonte can help you successfully reach your adoption goals. As an experienced and passionate adoption attorney in Kansas City, he can provide you with everything you need throughout the adoption, including guidance, education, legal work, and much more through his unique partnership with American Adoptions.

How Michael Belfonte Can Help You

At its core, adoption is the legal process of the transferring of parental rights, so every adoption requires the services of an adoption attorney. However, you may have additional needs, such as help with finding an adoptive family, receiving counseling and support, maximizing your financial assistance, communicating with adoptive parents, and more, that most adoption attorneys simply don’t provide.

Michael Belfonte works closely with American Adoptions, a national adoption agency based out of Overland Park, Kansas, to provide these important adoption services. While Michael Belfonte is always available to help answer any legal questions you may have, an American Adoptions adoption specialist will be available to you 24/7 to help you with any other concerns or questions. Please read the following to learn more about the benefits of involving American Adoptions in your adoption process.

Now that you know how Michael Belfonte and American Adoptions can help you through this difficult time, you may be wondering about the steps of the adoption process.

How Does Adoption Work?

Before you take the first step of your adoption journey, there are a few key factors that you should always keep in mind:

  • Adoption is free for you, and you may receive financial assistance
  • Adoption is always an option, as you can pursue adoption at any point in (or after) your pregnancy
  • You are in full control of your adoption

If you indeed decide that adoption is right for you and your baby and contact Michael Belfonte, the steps of your adoption process will include:

  1. Having initial conversation with Mike to answer any of your questions
  2. Speaking with an adoption specialist to determine your ideal adoption situation or adoption plan
  3. Looking at American Adoptions’ list of over 200 waiting families ready to adopt
  4. Choosing an adoptive family
  5. Getting to know the family through a mediated conference call
  6. Continuing any other pre-placement contact such as emails, phone calls or visits
  7. Preparing your hospital plan with your adoption specialist
  8. Completing the hospital experience, including legally consenting to the adoption
  9. Placing your baby with the adoptive family
  10. Maintaining the type of relationship with the family and your child as was agreed upon earlier in the process

Your Role in Adoption

In today’s adoptions, the pregnant mother is always in charge. This is your decision, your adoption plan, and thus you determine most events of the adoption process.

  • You get to choose the family – Not only do you select the family that will raise your baby but also you will have time to get to know them and make sure you are comfortable with your choice.
  • You decide how much you see your baby – Most adoptions today are open or semi-open, which means you will be able to have contact with your baby and the adoptive family. If you would prefer a closed adoption, you can arrange for that, as well.
  • You decide who you want with you at the hospital – Do you want to see the adoptive family at the hospital? Do you want to hold your baby before you leave? The details of the hospital experience are completely up to you.
  • You can change your mind at any time – Up until you sign the relinquishment papers and consent to the adoption, you have the right to change your mind about your adoption decision. Please remember, however, that Michael Belfonte and American Adoptions only initiate an adoption process when a pregnant mother is fully committed to creating an adoption plan.

You still likely have many questions about adoption, and you may be wondering if it is truly the right option for you and your baby. Michael Belfonte is always available to talk to you confidentially about your options and with absolutely no obligation to pursue an adoption. You may call Michael Belfonte at 816.842.3580 or click the following to receive free adoption information.