Is It Too Late to Choose Adoption for My Baby?

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, women in your position have a difficult decision to make – and sometimes, time seems to pass too quickly to make it. But whatever position you are in, it is never too late to choose adoption.

At any given time, there are hopeful families all over the country who are waiting to adopt a child. With the right help, you can find an adoptive family and complete an adoption in a matter of days or even hours. And whether you choose adoption eight months or eight hours before you have your baby, you are always in control of your adoption plan.

Read on to learn about last-minute adoptions and the role Michael Belfonte can play in your adoption.

Who Will Help Me with My Last-Minute Adoption?

If you live in Kansas or Missouri, Michael Belfonte can legally represent you, inform you about your rights as a parent, and finally, complete your adoption. In addition, he will refer you to American Adoptions, a national adoption agency that can help you quickly find an adoptive family.

With over 25 years of experience in adoption, American Adoptions’ specialists have helped countless women in your exact position. Additionally, they work with hundreds of families every year and always have adoptive family profiles ready for you to view. With the help of your personal adoption specialist, you can find, contact, and meet the right adoptive family for your child in no time at all.

Together, Michael Belfonte and American Adoptions will work to ensure that your adoption experience is as streamlined and stress-free as possible.

Last-Minute Adoption Process

Choosing adoption at the last minute can be overwhelming, but with Michael Belfonte and American Adoptions, it doesn’t have to be.

If you choose to work with Michael and American Adoptions, they can help you:

  • Receive counseling and support – No matter when you decide on adoption, you should always feel that you are making the choice you know is best. With American Adoptions, your personal Adoption Specialist will talk to you about the process, let you know what to expect, and help you make sure that it is the right decision for you and your baby.
  • Find and meet the right family – Your Adoption Specialist can send you profiles of waiting families in whatever way is convenient for you, including email or even text message. Once you have made a decision, your Adoption Specialist will notify the family immediately, and they will travel to meet you within 24 hours.
  • Receive financial assistance – Women who pursue adoption can receive compensation for pregnancy- and adoption-related expenses. If you have waited until the end of your pregnancy to create an adoption plan, it is not too late to reach out for financial aid.
  • Finalize the adoption – Michael Belfonte will assist you in legally completing the adoption as soon as you are ready. Your adoption plan will be given the same amount of care and consideration no matter when you pursue adoption.

After the adoption, your relationship with your baby and the family does not have to end. All adoptions through American Adoptions are open or semi-open, meaning you will have a lasting relationship with your child and the family you choose. To learn more about pursuing adoption at the last minute, contact Michael Belfonte for assistance.