Other Types of Adoption

Adoption can take many forms beyond the traditional process, and Michael Belfonte can help you with all types of adoption needs. Below, you can read about some of the other adoption services that Michael provides.

Single Parent Adoption

The domestic adoption process does not change whether you are adopting as an individual or as a couple. Michael Belfonte helps single parents navigate the adoption process and can refer them to American Adoptions, an agency that frequently works with single parents.

Adult Adoption

Families can pursue adult adoptions in a variety of situations, some of which are listed below:

  • Inheritance purposes
  • Providing continued support to a foster child who has aged out
  • Establishing a legal relationship with a stepchild over 18
  • Caring for an adult who lacks the ability to care for him or herself

The process of adopting an adult is different from the adoption of a minor. Michael Belfonte will be able to guide you through the process and help you finalize your adult adoption.

International Re-Adoption

After you have completed an international adoption and taken your child home, you should go through the formal re-adoption process as soon as you can. Although it is not required, it acts as an additional safeguard for your adopted child and can help you feel secure in your child’s rights as a U.S. citizen.

Other reasons to pursue an international re-adoption may include:

  • Changing your child’s name
  • Obtaining a birth certificate in English
  • Universal recognition of your child’s birth certificate
  • Access to copies of adoption decrees and certificates

Pursuing an international re-adoption with Michael Belfonte will ensure that your adoption is recognized under Kansas or Missouri law.

Second Parent Adoption

Second parent adoption allows a parent to adopt a child without terminating the rights of the custodial parent. Unlike a stepparent adoption, a second parent adoption does not usually involve a noncustodial parent, and it primarily benefits same-sex couples by providing them equal parental rights.

For questions about these types of adoption and more, don’t hesitate to contact Michael Belfonte today.