How to Make a Perfect Adoption Profile Book

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As a prospective adoptive family, you’re likely equally excited and nervous for the process of finding a prospective birth mother. After all, this is the moment when your adoption becomes a reality and you know that it’s only a matter of time until you become parents.

However, waiting to be chosen by an expectant mother can be stressful. So, how can you shorten your wait to be chosen?

One of the most useful factors is your adoptive family profile — a description of your family, your lifestyle and your commitment to adoption. Usually presented in a book or flier form, these profiles are shown to pregnant mothers considering adoption to help them choose the perfect family for their unborn child.

When you work with attorney Michael Belfonte, you will also have the assistance of American Adoptions, a national adoption agency that has perfected how to make an adoption profile book. You will be provided not only adoption profile book ideas and examples, but also the necessary tools to make the perfect adoptive family profile for you.

Here’s what you need to know about making an adoptive family profile in Kansas City:

  1. What does an adoptive family profile include?
    Many adoption professionals, including American Adoptions, encourage families to create a physical adoptive family profile, either in the form of a book or a paper flier, to help social workers match prospective adoptive families and birth mothers.If you work with Michael Belfonte and American Adoptions, your physical adoptive family profile will be designed by a media specialist into an attractive paper profile that resembles a brochure. This profile will include pictures of you and content written by you, which will describe:

    • Your family, including your love story and why you want to be adoptive parents
    • Your home (your community and house)
    • Your lifestyle (what you do for a living, what your hobbies and interests are)
    • How you will raise an adopted child
    • Your extended family and family traditions
    • And more

    To help you find an adoption opportunity even more quickly, American Adoptions offers an adoptive family video profile service. Prospective birth mothers can learn a lot more about prospective adoptive parents from a video, including what they sound like, how they interact with each other and family members and even what they’d be like as parents. All that you have to do is film footage with provided cameras and video kits, and the media specialists at American Adoptions will do the rest.

    Video profiles usually include footage of:

    • The prospective adoptive parents interacting with children
    • The prospective adoptive parents talking about their desire to be parents and to adopt a child
    • The prospective adoptive family going through their everyday routine
    • Friends and family of the prospective adoptive parents talking about what they’re like
    • And more
  1. How do we make an adoptive family profile?
    When you choose Michael Belfonte and his associates at American Adoptions, they’ll do most of the work for you. How to make an adoption profile book with us is a fairly simple process.First, you will fill out information for everything from your hobbies to your favorites to your reason for choosing adoption. You’ll also be required to submit photos of your family and write letters to prospective birth mothers about why you’re choosing adoption, how you will raise your adopted child and what her adoption choice will mean to you.

    Once this information is filled out, it will be given to a media specialist, who will complete your adoption profile design. Once the profile is completed, it will be sent back to for edits or your final approval — and then it will go live on American Adoptions’ website and social workers will begin showing your profile to prospective birth mothers.

  1. Where can we find examples of adoption profile books?
    When you work with an adoption professional, they will likely provide you adoption profile book examples to view while you’re working on yours. You can also view examples of profiles and videos completed by American Adoptions online.
  1. What are some tips for creating an adoptive family profile?
    Your media specialist will work closely with you to make sure your profile is optimized for presentation to a prospective birth mother, but there’s no way one way to make a “perfect” adoptive family profile. However, there is some common advice to keep in mind:

    • Be respectful. Adoption is a difficult choice to make, and some prospective birth mothers may still have reservations about adoption. Use language that indicates your gratitude for her considering adoption, but don’t write as if she has already made up her mind. Always refer to the unborn child as her
    • Be descriptive. Remember that this is the first chance a prospective birth mother has at visualizing her child’s life with you as their parents. Don’t feel like you have to write a novel, but include as many details as you can to help paint a picture of what you would be like as parents.
    • Be honest. There’s no need to be formal with your emotions here; the more that a prospective birth mother can sense your genuine desire to be parents, the more likely she will be to pick you. Don’t be afraid to mention how you came to the decision of adoption, whether it’s due to infertility or another reason. This same reasoning goes to photos and descriptions; try to represent your everyday life with natural clothes and candid photos.

Creating an adoptive family profile need not be stressful — instead, it should be a fun opportunity. Don’t overthink the process, and make sure your personality and passion to be parents stand out more than anything else. There’s no “perfect” way for how to write an adoption profile, so just as long as the profile accurately represents who you are, it’s perfect for you.

Remember, attorney Michael Belfonte and his associates at American Adoptions are here to help you as you create your adoptive family profile. To begin the process today or to learn more about how to adopt a baby in Kansas City, give Michael a call at 816-842-3580 or contact American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION.