3 Questions You Have About Transracial Adoption in Kansas City

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As you’re considering all the options available to you in adopting a child, you may wonder about transracial adoption in Kansas City — and whether it’s right for you.

Transracial adoption is any adoption where the race or ethnicity of the adopted child is different from that of their adopted parents. An interracial adoption comes with all of the challenges of any same-race adoption but also adds some unique difficulties.

If you’re considering a transracial adoption in Kansas City, it’s important that you’re fully prepared for the realities of this kind of adoption. In this article, we’ll address some of the questions you may have to help you decide whether this is the right path for you. Because of our partnership with national adoption agency American Adoptions, we can also offer advice from trusted social workers who know a great deal about transracial adoption — so you can ask them your questions yourself.

Deciding whether or not transracial adoption is right for you is just another step that will take you closer to becoming parents. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about transracial adoption in Kansas City.

  1. How do I know if transracial adoption is right for me?

If you’re considering a transracial adoption, it’s a good sign that it’s a possibility for your family. There is an opportunity for an interracial adoption in almost every method of adoption — private domestic, international, foster care adoption, stepchild adoption and so on.

For many parents, choosing a transracial adoption is a way to speed up their adoption process. There are many minority children waiting in foster care, and many adoption agencies have created specific programs for the adoption of infants with certain racial backgrounds. Being open to adopting children of various races increases the number of potential adoption opportunities available to hopeful parents, leading to lower adoption wait times.

Most of all, however, it’s important that you are fully open to adding any child to your family, regardless of race or physical similarities. If you’re open to a multicultural household and are excited at the prospect of a diverse family makeup, an interracial adoption may be the perfect choice for you.

  1. Are there any differences in the adoption process for a transracial adoption?

As mentioned before, a transracial adoption may be much quicker than a same-race adoption placement.

Beyond that, your adoption process will likely proceed in the same way. You will need to be cleared by a social worker for a transracial adoption when they complete your home study, and you will need to take certain steps to prepare for your transracial adoption placement. If you adopt internationally, the country you adopt from may have specific requirements for an interracial adoption, so check with Michael or your international adoption agency.

The only additional legal process you may need to complete is adhering to the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). If you are adopting a child of Native American descent who is eligible to be a tribe member, you will have to follow certain legal requirements. Most of the time, this will not hinder your ability to complete a transracial adoption in Kansas City.

  1. How do you prepare for a transracial adoption in KC?

In many ways, how you prepare for a transracial adoption is not incredibly different from any other adoption — you’ll need to know how to talk to your child about their adoption, how to preserve their birth story and identity as an adopted child, and more.

However, because a child adopted through a transracial adoption will not look like their parents, you may be more likely to encounter insensitive questions about the adoption process and your child’s history. As adoptive parents, you will be responsible for addressing many of these questions and comments and protecting your child’s identity. If you’re considering a transracial adoption in Kansas City, here are some things you’ll need to do:

  • Learn about your child’s culture and race and incorporate these aspects naturally into their life.
  • Learn about your child’s specific physical and health needs. For example, if you’re adopting an African American baby, understand how to properly care for their hair.
  • Address the issue of racism with your child and your entire family, giving them tips on how to answer certain questions and respond in certain situations.
  • Surround your family with as much diversity as possible — not just people of your child’s race but people of all races and abilities.

Above all else, you’ll need to make sure you create a sense of belonging from the very beginning. Just because your child looks different from you does not mean they aren’t an integral part of your family dynamic, so reassure them often that they are loved and are not alone.

Choosing to pursue a transracial adoption in Kansas City is a great way to build your family — but it’s important that you’re fully prepared for the unique challenges involved before embarking on this journey. It’s a good idea to look for transracial adoption blogs, as they can help you see the realities of a transracial adoption from someone currently experiencing the process.

Attorney Mike Belfonte can also help you learn more about the emotional and legal requirements for an interracial adoption. Contact him today at 816-842-3580 to ask him your questions about adopting in Kansas City.